Campaign FAQs


  • This seems to be a bit personal – my wellbeing. Are you sharing my information with my employer?

Your Data is your own – we will not share any personally identifiable data with your employer or any other third parties.

eQuoo respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your Personal Data. Transparency is one of our core values: we want to make sure you feel safe and know that your data is only being used to give you personal feedback about your wellbeing and make the game experience the best we can. For that reason we ensure:

  1. We don’t use third party analytics such as Facebook or Google cookies in our game.
  2. We do not share any data that would allow someone within or outside of our company to identify you – even by chance.
  3. You can delete your personal data at any time. We do not keep any copy of the data. 
  4. We are fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant – your data is stored securely in Germany or the UK and the information flow is triple end-to-end encrypted.
  5. For the full details on how we ensure your data and personal information is kept secure please read our Privacy Policy.  
  • What is this campaign all about?

This is a prevention and resilience campaign. In the best of times (and we’re not counting 2020 as one of them), there will always be situations that challenge us emotionally and mentally. Having the right psychological toolset at the ready to cope in a healthy way is what keeps us from getting sick. This campaign is to offer a program that will give you those tools and that you will find easy and fun.  

  • Do I have to participate/will my company punish me if I don’t? 

Absolutely not: this is completely voluntary: if you are the most well-balanced and psychologically healthy individual who has reached peak growth, you certainly don’t need eQuoo. – But you’ll still find it fun. 

And as we stated above: we don’t share identifiable data, so your company will be able to see how many people participated, but not who. 

  • Do I have to Tweet or share on other social media platforms?

No, it’s just for points on the leaderboard. But winning an Apple iWatch is a sweet deal, if you ask us. 

  • Does the app work?

The first generation of eQuoo was tested in a clinical trial published in a peer-reviewed paper, PlosOne. It was proven that using eQuoo for 5 weeks significantly reduced anxiety while boosting resilience, interpersonal relationship skills and personal growth. You can read up on those skills in the game – each gem is a skill. 

If you have any other questions, please send them to us, and we’ll add them to the list:

Have fun,

Silja Litvin