Researching the Effect the Mobile Mental Health Game eQuoo Has on Resilience in a Student Population.
Participate and get free access to eQuoo, The Emotional Fitness Game worth £39.99

UCL, alongside other UK universities, has become increasingly aware of rises in mental health concerns amongst its student body. Further distress and concern resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have raised the need to support the wellbeing and mental health of students.  In response, UCL has been exploring a number of outreach and research programs on campus to find the best options for educating about mental health, as well as interventions that promote wellbeing and support mental health difficulties. We hope to combine the most successful of these initiatives to create an overarching programme offering both preventative and reactive mental health support to students.

As part of this programme, we are launching a study to examine the potential of a third-party app that aims to build resilience, boost mental wellbeing, and teach psychological skills to users s. We would like to invite you to take part in a study that will explore the ability of this app to improve well-being. The study will last 5 weeks and will require somewhere between 15 - 25 minutes of your time each week. The entire study will be conducted on your mobile device. If you are interested in taking part, please read the information below and then click on the link below to sign up.

The trial is scheduled to go live end of March

Department: Psychology and Language Sciences

Title of Study: Researching the Effect the Mobile Mental Health Game eQuoo Has on Depression in a Student Population. A Randomised Control Trial.

Name and Contact Details of the Researcher(s):

Professor Steve Pilling

Professor Peter Fonagy

Silja Litvin

Name and Contact Details of the Principal Researchers:

Professor Steve Pilling

Silja Litvin
PsycApps Limited
Health Foundry, 1 Royal street
SE1 7LL London, UK.


  1. Participate in a 5-week trial
  2. Fill out 3 questionnaires over the 5 weeks
  3. Play a game (or a wellbeing program or just the questionnaire)
  4. Learn mental wellbeing skills
  5. Finish the program and get free access to eQuoo worth £39.99

Step 2: Participate and get free access to eQuoo worth £39.99

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